Detailed description

Main menu

By default there are 7 tables: 6 tables for each supported bank and one table with cross rates in all currencies.
You can add new tables to the list or delete the ones you don’t need.
If you delete all tables, default table will be created, because there always must be at least one table.

  •  Add new table with chosen bank (rates source). New table automatically becomes active
  •  Create full copy of chosen table. New table automatically becomes active
  •  Open tables editor and additional settings of program. To complete editing press «Save» in the upper left corner
  •  For iPad: pin main menu
  •  For iPad: unpin main menu
Tables edition:
  • Table name. You can name table as you want. By default it’s named like source bank
  • Chose rates source. After choosing source, table will be renamed to source name. Choose it if you need
  • Update rates from source site. Rates will be updated only for that table! To update all rates press  «Update all rates» in the bottom of table
  • Delete table
  • Move table. Press this button and drag table up or down

In the editing mode you can see Reset button. When you press it, you will see warning about deleting all user data and restoring to the default settings. You can agree or disagree.

In the bottom of the tables:
  • cross rates for all sources. There are all rates to all banks. You can sort table by currency name, numeric code, alphabetic code. To choose currency, which cross rate you want to see, press flag in the left of currency name. Double tap to the flag switches to the displaying mode:
    • Chosen currency to currency in the row
    • Currency in the row chosen currency

    В заголовке таблицы есть кнопки для сортировки по имени валюты, по цифровому коду и по символьному коду

  • Help. This description of program. You can print file or send it by standard IOS method
  • Change language. Now supports English and Russian
  • Update all rates. All rates in all tables will be updated. Press button  in the upper right corner of table, or button  when you edit row with table
In editing mode at the bottom of the table you can:
  •  Hide currency symbols in the table
  •  Currency codes instead of symbols (for example: USD instead of $ etc.)
  •  Round to integer in the table
  •  Height of table row. Possible value: from 10 to 100
Multiplication table
  •  Add new column with currency. Settings of new currency will be opened. See description below
  •  Update rates for that table. If table with cross rates is active, currency rates from every sources will be updated. It will take some time if your internet connection is slow. If you want to update all rates in all tables press «Update all rates» in side menu
  •  Return to choosing another table or/and to settings
  •  On iPad and iPhone Plus: hide side menu

To sort table by currency press one time to currency code (for example: ) at the bottom of the table.

To sort table columns pinch button with currency code or column name and drag it to needed place. On iPad first drag this button to the bottom and then drag right. (So you avoid pressing to side menu button by mistake)
For settings of currency options press one time to column name (for example:  ), where added percent is displaying

Currency settings
  •  Choose currency. It’s currency for chosen column
  •  Choose help currency. This currency is used only for help and nowhere else
  • Step. Integer number. Used to sort this currency. You can set step for each currency
  • Precision. Number of displaying decimal places. You can set precision for each currency
  • Perсent. A positive or negative numbers of percents. Currency will be change to that percent in table. When you edit percent another fields with currency and percents also change
  • Reset options. Returns currency to original state
  • Delete. Delete this column from a table. You can’t delete last two tables. If you need another currency, add it by pressing  on the right of currency