Why do you need this app

Whats BetterIrreplaceable helper for different products with individual ratings will help you to call to memory and choose exactly what you need!

You know that feeling when you are coming to the shop, looking at the shop-window and see a lot of similar products. And you ask yourself “what shall I buy? What have i bought last time? What was better? How did it look like? And where have i bought it?”

And it’s exactly when this app can help you! Just take a photo of the product, write a short description and rate it.

And next time you come to the shop, just open the app, and it will help you to buy exactly what you need, or not to buy something you didn’t like last time 🙂


Create different categories or delete them, rename categories, take photo or choose from gallery icon’s picture (you can scale it and move by two fingers)

If you have records in the category, you can tap to the number of records and it will open a list where you can sort records, move it to another category, delete it.

Change a language. Now it’s Russian and English.

Only for full version: to print your records or to send PDF-file (AirDrop, Dropbox, iCloud, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram e. t. c.). It’s possible to print one record, one category or everything.

To leaf to the left/right pictures, to watch rating and your information

By one tap you can change rating.

To add new products or to delete products you don’t need

Quickly take a photo or choose from gallery (and it’s easy to scale and move photo by two fingers). Every picture is stored in the screen format (to be compact in memory)