Add new Category

To add a new partition, click the  button in the lower-left corner.
To change the name of a section, sort or delete partitions, click on the button in the lower right corner. In both cases, the table will switch to editing mode.

In this mode, it is possible:

  • Remove category by clicking on red brick
  • Change the category name, select the field whose name you want to change
  • Change category icon. After clicking on the icon, you can select the finished image from the Album or take a picture. After selecting an image from the album, or from the camera, the resulting image can be edited by the standard method for iOS zooming and turning with two fingers touching the screen. The red circle on the screen shows how the image will be cropped


  • After you finish editing everything you need, click on the button  in the lower right corner or on the main screen visible on the right. Changes are applied even if this is not done. You can not undo the correction.